Make the most out of your loft space

Decided that you want to install a loft conversion in your property but not sure how to make sure that you make the most of it?

Here we have put together our top tips for making the most of your loft space. Whether it is clever storage, innovative loft conversion design or simply ideas to make the room appear all the bigger. We have the tip for you.

Space maximising design ideas

If you are worried that your loft conversion may seem cramped and small, then you will be pleased to learn that there are simply design ideas that you can put in place to make sure that everything looks as big and roomy as possible.

With a reliable builder, there are some really easy things you can do to make the most of your space.


Walls that are light in colour will make the room feel more open and will reflect light around the space to make it look spacious and airy. Make sure that you have as much natural light as possible in the loft space too, as this will give you the same effect as having lightly painted rooms.

A day bed is another great addition to make the most of the space; whilst it is essentially a bed, it does not give the impression that the entire space is dedicated to a bed alone. Not only this, but a day bed can give a multi-purpose feel to the room too.

Clever storage

There is a good chance that your loft will be full of funny shaped spaces that are hard to work with. Rather than standing there scratching your head, why not use these spaces to your advantage?

Built in furniture is ideal for making the most of even the most awkward spaces. You can plan, design and build the furniture to fit what you need. This particularly true if you need somewhere to store your clothes.

Shelves are also a clever storage idea; you can install these wherever you need them and what is more, they don’t take up any precious floor space either!

Don’t forget about your eaves either; these can be used to create some much needed additional space too. We have seen some great ideas out there where the eaves are used to create chest of drawers and other clothes storage.

So, now you know that your loft conversion could be the best thing you ever do, you just have to make sure that you make the most of the space that you have.

Whether it is the very best in loft conversion ideas or simply some eaves storage ideas; there is so much that you can do to make the most of your loft space.