Choosing the right building contractor in the UK

You can never be too careful when it comes to choosing a building contractor. The final result of any building project is completely dependent on the contractor you hire for the job. Depending on your project, you have to know how to select a suitable contractor as each has different strengths and specialises in different kinds of projects. To make a final decision, you have to ask the contractors to be able to discern who will best suit your job. Here are some questions you should ask a contractor before offering them the responsibility of working on your project.

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Questions to ask a contractor 

According to this article by to convert an idea into your dream home, you need to hire someone with the right qualification and craftsmanship and it all starts with asking the right questions. With all the cowboy builders around, you need to take extreme care when selecting a contractor.

One of these precautions you should take is asking the potential contractors multiple questions which will help you get an insight into their qualifications and skill range. Here are the questions you can ask;

1. Are you an accredited contractor

Working with an accredited contractor is a sure sign that you are working with a professional in the field. A contractor should be registered with a trade body. With the strict regulations followed in trade bodies, working with a contractor in a trade body assures you of their professionality. 

Trade bodies such as the National Federation of Builders (FNB), and the  Federation of Master Builders (FMB). Make sure you confirm whether the contractor’s membership is valid and up-to-date. 

2. Are you insured

A contractor that is not insured is a sign of trouble waiting to happen. An insured contractor has the employer’s best interests in mind. The contractor should have with them contract work insurance, public liability insurance, and an employer’s liability insurance. You should ask to see their insurance certificates. 

3. Do you have a project manager

A project manager acts as the communication link between you, the employer, and the team of builders. he/she is also in charge of supervision of the ongoing projects. When a project manager is present, it has been made much easier for you to voice any suggestion and express your opinions on the project such as the need for any changes to be made. 

4. Can you show me your construction project portfolio

A portfolio containing several of the already completed projects is something that every seasoned builder should have. A look at a contractor’s portfolio gives you an idea of the type of project that they can handle whilst also gauging their skill level. For anyone hiring, it is much better to hire a specialist compared to hiring a jack of all trades. For instance, if you want to add value to your property with a loft conversion, it’s better to work with a specialist, compared to a jack of all trades. From the portfolio, you will be able to tell whether the projects that the contractor has handled are similar to the ones you are planning. 

5. Can I contact some of your references

Talking to some previous clients of your contractor gives a better view of their services. The previous clients can give you an even better perspective based on their personal experience with the contractor. Contacting previous clients is a great addition to checking out a contractor’s project portfolio. 

6. How long have you worked as a building contractor

Your builder’s duration in business will give a direct glimpse of their experience. A builder who has been in business for a long time has gained relatively more experience than the one who has not practised for long. This means that an experienced contractor is more likely to have the expertise to turn your dream home into an existing reality.

You can’t afford to take any chances when it comes to choosing your contractor. Asking the right questions is sure to give you a highlight on what kind of job you can expect to be done by a contractor. Apart from checking all the credentials and paperwork of a contractor to evaluate them for a job, this is a great way to know who you are employing.